Rrudi’s objects form a perfect symbiosis of straight industrial design, modern art and creative courage. Rrudi’s products symbolize individuality, uniqueness and the joy of life, astonish the viewer and bring a smile to his face.  


We attach great importance to local productions as far as possible. We are happy to work together with various experts in order to facilitate the diversity of our products.


Rrudi manufactures mainly by hand and produces series, limited editions as well as unique pieces. We don't feel like doing the same thing all the time, so we keep reinventing ourselves. That's also the reason why we offer limited editions for the most pieces. 


We like to work manually and feel how the raw material in our hands turns into a refined product. A big part of the manufacturing steps are carried out by hand with great attention to detail.


In our work we deal with social and cultural relevant topics. We want to contribute to the discourse and are not afraid to express our opinions and feelings. we aim to  provide food for thought to our customers. For example, we deal with topics such as body positivity and equality, and we often have fundraising campaigns for socially disadvantaged groups.


Quality is very important to us. We pay great attention to the selection of high-quality individual parts.